Review: 007 No Time To Die at The Cinema at Selfridges

If you believe the cinematic experience is just as important as the film itself, you have come to the right review. Based in London’s Oxford Street, #Selfridges has its own In-Store cinema named ‘The Cinema at Selfridges’, and it is the only department store in the world to accommodate a permanent cinema! With this in mind, me and my partner decided this would be the perfect place to visit to watch the most talked about film of the year, ‘No Time To Die’.

The State-of-the-Art cinema is unquestionably one the most mesmeric I have visited, the cinema upon entry feels like walking into a chic bar; which may seem quite peculiar for a movie theatre, although it creates a warm, inviting ambience upon entry and most definitely creates an entrancing environment where it feels like you’re in the 1950’s Hollywood era.

The bar and lounge was furnished with red-velvet settees and a snazzy DJ booth; depending on what time you visit, the lounge would most probably be bustling with guests following the film for post-movie drinks.

I visited the cinema with my boyfriend on a Sunday Morning, so as you can imagine, this wasn’t necessarily the case for us!

The Cinema at Selfridges provides three screens in total; the main screen seating up to 70 guests, the second 59, and the third is a small-scale 28 seater room. Although each screen has their own theme and character, they all possess the same seating which are so lavish and plush; which not only recline but also have footstools, they’re so comfy!

In regards to the prices of snacks and drinks, the costs weren’t so different to any other regular UK movie theatre in comparison to Vue or Odeon, keeping in mind all cinema’s charge more than necessary. At the cinema’s ‘sweetshop’, all snacks consist of all homemade treats which definitely feels rather unique. Although on the other hand, the bar is of course on the pricey side; however they offer a surprisingly wide range of food and drinks, perfect to relax prior to the screen opening.

Tickets to watch No Time To Die costed us £20 each, even though this is on the pricey side, the average cinema ticket price in Central London was around £15 at the time; so for an extra £5 we had a wholly different perception of the average cinematic experience, Not only were we able to enjoy the world’s only department store cinema of its kind, but we also got to appreciate the perks of which are not usually at present at any average cinema.

So, was ‘No Time To Die’ worth the wait, and did it meet my expectations? Keeping it short and sweet, In my opinion, it most certainly did! Although I have read other reviews specifying that it was rather diminishing and over-emotional for a James Bond film, I think that those comments are overly harsh as the movie was perfectly well thought-out and grasped the attention of the entire theatre throughout the rather lengthy film, not once was I conscious of the time.

Overall, the film was beautifully illustrated and was without a doubt such a phenomenal way to end Daniel Craig’s avail as James Bond. Likewise, ‘The Cinema at Selfridges’ assuredly did not disappoint; it was such a pleasure to have experienced such a remarkable film in a cinema like this one.

Therefore I highly encourage you to watch this film whilst it’s still in cinemas to get the best experience! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this superb motion picture.

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